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$7,000.00 dollars or more in Losses monthly?

Tapping into your savings? Or are you Dorming at a College campus away from home? Throwing away a really great educational Gift? Have you lost your inner peace?


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Adopt a gambling-free lifestyle by joining the #1 private community for problem gamblers!

U know you must turn away NOW To Re-Grow your Inner Peace, Confidence, & Happiness. Your ready to Team up, I’m your Coach!

12 Sessions Coaching, Faith Building Transformation Conversation (T.C.) M.M.P.C. & More!!

We Co-Partner, We Grow! Alliance..Survival Skills to navigate through the Worldly Predators.


Understanding, Insight, Planning, Co-operation & Energy!

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Inside the 15 min, mornings are routines that can help you up your game. You will learn how to 10x your productivity by learning how to focus on one single thing every morning, and it only takes 15 min.

What I’ve learned over the last few years about overcoming harmful addiction that cost me over $800,000, rebuilding my confidence, and changing my life and those around me is contained in this book. I want to show you how to do it all yourself.


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A troubled kid, Ex Gambler, Certified Life Coach, Life Agent, Believer

My childhood foundation from the get go was stained with confusion, fear & poor values. A Narcissistic father, along with a codependent characterized family. Sin on top of sin was what I knew most. I was Lost! I’m surprised by the grace of God I’ve reached the age of 55. Do you grow into Survival mode as a new human coming into this existence?
Is it odd to be alive, blood pumping through your veins, at the same time having no real self recognition? It’s Crazy! It’s a very strange thing! 8 Navy life years masqueraded my hidden shadows eventually it all came to haunt me. You can’t defeat an unseen enemy or can you? I’ve been through very difficult experiences, with a few positive ones.

September of 2014 I was asked to leave my residence, I was ashamed, The playing away of Well over $800,000 in gambling finally caught up. For Five months my family went with no secure home, this did get my attention!

I fought, I failed! I faced it! Like I needed to, Now I’m free! Permanently is my motto! When you Stick with me & participate within my community… Like I have, you will greatly improve through exercising the tools and applying knowledge gained from what I share.

Success Stories From People I've Inspired To Be Their Best.

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