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I was Forced to Replace my Gambling Addiction & Origin of desire (a thinking process upgrade) Trauma & all. Imagination and Persistence gets you there! sevenfold Grateful. My Mission is: 1 million souls out of the fire into P.N.G.Z. (Permanent NogamblingZone) So,If you’re looking to Replace that Addiction that is Masking the Root Cause, It’s time to put it under your feet where it belongs


Your current mind is tuned into the wrong channel, the wrong frequency. You must refocus and redirect what is going on inside your head that is not proper. Imagine a RED Remote! Click the channel! Change your Mind into its Correct direction. 

The Best Direction!

Turn on your Curiosity! Image your Possibilities! Imagine? 

Do you believe that even through a video positive energy can be passed on to the observer? My videos Will Transform Your Thinking! They have changed me! 

The Bible has a lot to say about faith or belief in the natural, and in the spiritual. God created it this way. Many scholars or teachers would also agree that it is possible from one human being to transfer energy into another for a purpose for a mission! Do you Support Transformation?

“Our Community Provides the Environment”

This would make your Transformation more 99% more accomplishable, if you are the Struggling gambler. 

My call 2Action: 

Write it out, if in doubt.

Who Says Recovery has to be hard?



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From Tragedy to Triumph, I’m very much amazed at what’s happened to me, especially within the core of my mind and emotions. 

My childhood foundation from the get go was stained with confusion, fear & poor values, some *good sprinkled in here & there.. A Narcissistic father, along with a codependent mom. characterized family. My early days was full of sin, Sin on top of sin was what I knew most. I was Lost! Scared & Surviving in my own fantasy world that I had created because it was a survival instinct that I was on. I’m surprised by the grace of God I’ve reached the age of 56. I did not know what living in survival mode was, found out about this a few years ago. Is it odd to be alive, blood pumping through your veins, at the same time having no Conscious awareness? It’s Crazy! It was like a really bad nightmare. 

8 Navy life years masqueraded my hidden shadow. I had a plan in the Navy. My plan ended in 8 yrs, for some reason, I didn’t reenlist. I was lost again. until I made up my mind and said I had enough back in 2014. That was my lift off. That was my mission. Now This Community. I am extremely grateful for who i have become. I believe! 

Fired Up! Fired Up! 

September of 2014 life was caving in on me very quickly 32 years of gambling, well over $1 million played away. And of course, with gambling come other things like drinking and smoking. I lost a career, I almost gave up on life. went homeless from shelter to shelter for about six months. I did reach out to the veterans administration at this point in time. 


I did not give up on myself even though I still struggled with my MIND in 2014, and in 2015 Etc. But I had made up my mind back in 2014 that I was going to replace this behavior. Somehow I was going to defeat this thing I did, I still do and this is my Iron Clad guarantee, where I stand. 

Coach Santos,

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