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Gratitude from few we have helped

I'm enjoying my seat!!!!!! LOL I tell everyone I talk too about you on youtube....Gambling took me on a nightmare....Not anymore...You so understand about gambling...only leads to one of 3 places...dead...mental hospital...or jail.

Laura Pender

This is Marie, Keep up the good work. You are truly a inspiration for lots of people. I have been struggling for over 20 years. I'm finally over this horrible addiction. Thank you so much Santos!

Marie Williams

Santos Rolon Jr One of the few From the OLD School Days way Back when and as long as I known Him He would always be a " A+ " as far as being A Positive Person and I been thru. a lot of Thick and Thin with him And one Time we live as Roomates and He Gave me My 1 Honda I ever Owned Because I was In Need so I am Honored To say Invite Him In As a Keeper for a Friend and he well give you a lot of Food For Thought and send you down a Better Road that is more then likely better then the one you are currently on With All The Peace and LOVE that One Can Give :)) Smiley AKA Jeffrey Raynard Caraballo Owner and Founder of the Drawbridge Enterprise And Renew Ground work.

Jeffrey Carabello

Santos is the most wonderful patient man I have ever had the luxury and blessing of being a part of. He has helped me, if it was not for him I would not be in the greater state of mind I am in today! he has gone over and above the Call of Duty even on a big holiday. I knew even when he had other precious things to do he always took care of me immediately, I have come to Appreciate Santos, and hope for greater endeavors with his business of Transforming Lives, Diane from Milwaukee.

Diane L. a

Your video helped me because I know the what you are saying is the answer to how I'm getting the victory. This confirmation is a blessing, Wanted to share mytestimonial, Cara.

Cara Simms

Hey SantosI want to really thank you for your inspirational videos. I've been a gambler for far too long, and although I am a functioning addict, I realize it is a cancer that is hard to remove, but I'm working on it.We all need to reach out to each other to connect in various ways, and it is good that you are doing this in your own way.You are part of my recovery diet, Brother Santos!

Damon (from Vallejo CA)


Receive inspirational messages from me that will keep YOUR life & mind balanced day by day.

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