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Soldiers of Self-Mastery your go-to platform to Beat gambling addiction!

Welcome to the exclusive platform specifically engineered to support problem gamblers Win Bigtime! You who are sick and tired of losing and hiding. Here you will find your best support along with daily inspiration to upgrade your thinking process from gambler to complete non-gambler.

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My Turning Point:

In 2014, everything came down like a house of cards. What started as an escape turned into years of losing thousands of dollars. Partner everything done in secret eventually comes to light. After facing several bankruptcies, car repossessions, and overwhelming debt, I hit rock bottom. This led me to replace my gambling addiction and, in 2016, I founded Soldiers of Self Mastery as a recovery mission for people like me who want out completely.

A Foundation in Faith and Innovation

The base for my transformation, I must say, is Christ and His word. I experimented with different life hacks and upgraded my thinking process, which profoundly changed my behavior. Now, I no longer have any desires for the game.

My Community Provides excellent Environment for qutting gambling addiction and more

Joining Soldiers of Self Mastery makes your transformation 99% more accomplishable if you are a struggling gambler seeking confidence and peace.

Gambling Addiction

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The Little Red Book

Use the Little Red Book to breaking free from gambling and debt addiction, while building a life of abundance and long-term wealth.

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One On One Coaching

My goal is to help you become free from gambling. Let’s get it out ff you, but only if that’s what you truly want!

Gambling Addiction course

The Soldiers Of Self Mastery Breakthrough Academy

Join a global community for achieving Exgambler status, your premier platform for your daily personal breakthrough and success. Today, right now, you can Subscribe to access a comprehensive suite of digital tools and LIVE transformative training to Combat your addiction, aid in recovery and with your personal development.

Success Stories From People I've Inspired To Be Their Best.​

Santos Rolon Junior is a brave man who tackles challenges head on with determination and precision. If you need to bring out your inner tiger and push down your inner troubles Santos will show you the way.
Testimonial - Quit Gambling Addiction
Nathan Abbey AHS
I feel blessed to have met Santos Rolon online a few years ago. I think he's one of the best coaches on the Net. A few minutes with Santos will show you how he can help you overcome fear, doubt, and insecurity on your path to self-discovery.
Testimonial - Quit Gambling Addiction
Edwin Cabrera
Santos Rolon Jr. is a true soldier who built a platform for overcoming adversity. Solutions & Answers Sunday 7 p.m. PST via Soldiersofselfmastery youtube. Santos' radiant soul can heal, touch, and inspire others.
Testimonial - Quit Gambling Addiction
Juri Love
Gambling Addiction

About Santos Rolon Jr.

From tragedy to triumph, I am amazed at what’s happened to me, especially within the core of my mind and emotions.

Having faced uncertainty from a young age and family violence adversities, including military life that hid my struggles, my life was a series of poor decisions until I decided enough was enough in 2014. Now, I lead this community and am grateful for our Permanent No Gambling Zone (PNGZ).

See You at the Top!

Curious? You should be. If you’re ready to start your best journey to a life completely free of gambling, join me at Soldiers of Self Mastery. Let’s climb to new heights together.