About Santos Rolon JR

I am Person Of Great Imagination And Creativity.

Today I am definitely Manhandling the Scorpions and the Explosions that life throws at me. There was a time when those stings would hurt me bad! I was a coward! Today I am Living My Dream And Building my Empire.

Coming From a Childhood Of Domestic Abuse, Mental Trauma, Fears & Insecurities along with Disastrous Addictions. I have trained myself with the help of a few coaches & teachers to achieve Daily Victory & Perseverance in 4 Key areas (Health, wealth, relations and impact) I continue to expand my highest potentials! which Include Writing, Listening, Speaking, a health conscious mindset and cryptocurrency investing and mining.

My Vision includes a Goal Of Transforming a Million Plus Lives before I leave this planet.

Your Friend, Santos

Founder and CEO of SRolon NxtLConsulting

Stockton, CA