How will you handle the truth?

I’m gonna be real blunt here and say it like it is, My Book of Proverbs tells me it’s right, Truth is. Pardon my Puerto Rican mind. I am a rare breed, Quick witted, super confident, super smart too! I paid a price to get here! peace of mind, in control of my thoughts. Each day I enjoy monitoring what comes out of my mouth like an owl watching over its prey. I’m a fucking badass! And so are you if you recognize it, accept it and live it! Belief must be exercised... Mind mouth Power Congruence is your ticket to Real Wealth & Riches! Tangible & intangible. P.O.M. Ask me how...

Founder: Soldiers of Self-Mastery 2016 Graduate: Life Coach Training Institute.Licensed @ SRolon NxTL Consulting Senior Associate Legalshield (Lawyer Legal Sales)Inventor: Techno Rim (Patent Pending)Philosopher: Life, Business 102, Relationships.

•Host of Sunday 7 pm Solutions & Answers podcast•Solutions & Answers Broadcast via Youtube.•Advocate against Domestic Violence.•Author of 4 books.

**Accomplishments My failures Who Am I MY Mission **

Birthplace Coamo, Puerto Rico, 1966.My family migrated to the Hartford Connecticut area. Dad, Mom, my. Brother, my sister & I. Willimantic CT. Would become home for us.Left home at 18, United States Navy 

Fast Forward: 2014

2 Ton Boulder nearly Crushed me! (Figuratively Speaking)I hit Rock bottom in 2014, a horrible but very enlightening moment in my new journey, I lost a lot of time a few friends & plenty of Dough $$.

Fast Forward 2021

2 TON Boulder/Big Rock is lifted! I’m free!A different outlook on the freeway of life. Improving upon my improvements,Extremely **PEACEFUL** and highly CONFIDENT. I Co-Partner to help you get bigger results. Stick around! My Energy travels.

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Your Dream Life is possible when you say it’s do or die, I MUST HAVE IT. The key to getting anything you want in life is persistence. 

Santos Rolon Jr.
Results Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Journey Coach.
See you at the top on the inside partner.