Santos Rolon Jr is a Life Coach And Author Of The Little Red Book

He's been a life agent since 2018 and his work has changed thousands people life.

Team Profile:

About Santos Rolon JR

CEO & founder of SRolon NxtL Consulting And Soldiersofselfmastery Licensed in Stockton, California. 2016

Certified California State Life Agent 2018

Author of the little red book, life’s 3 most important questions & from trauma to triumph at 49 which is still in production. 

Creator of the Problem Gambling breakthrough academy. 2018

Completed several courses  through the life coaching LCTI online. S.D, California 2018 

Completed Domestic Violence program CA. 2017

Completed Anger management program CA. 2017

Completed obligated AA programs. 1986-87

2019 Ongoing studies in mind re-training, self development, relationship building and personal leadership development &
Business Start up know how.

I have personally overcome a 32 yr+ Problem Gambling Addiction, child hood trauma which involved, Family Domestic Violence, Fear, insecurity and not having any real life direction.

I am Person Of Great Imagination And Creativity.

Today I am definitely Manhandling the Scorpions and the Explosions that life throws at me. There was a time when those stings would hurt me bad! I was a coward! Today I am Living My Dream And Building my Empire.

Coming From a Childhood Of Domestic Abuse, Mental Trauma, Fears & Insecurities along with Disastrous Addictions. I have trained myself with the help of a few coaches & teachers to achieve Daily Victory & Perseverance in 4 Key areas (Health, wealth, relations and impact) I continue to expand my highest potentials! which Include Writing, Listening, Speaking, a health conscious mindset and cryptocurrency investing and mining.

My Vision includes a Goal Of Transforming a Million Plus Lives before I leave this planet.

Clients I’m Seeking: Positive. I’m looking for individuals that want to Re-train their unproductive MINDSET, they want to MOVE away from problem gambling, addictions and a bad attitude. 

✨A “Tude”as I like to call it ✨

HOW I Bring YOU Value: Structure through personal coaching or TC, transformational conversation, video, courses and small books*********** I Share And show you How To Reach Your Highest Potentials In Key Areas:

Mindset,Health, Relationships, Wealth, Impact!

Your Friend, Santos

Founder and CEO of SRolon NxtLConsulting

Stockton, CA

About Cephas Tope

Cephas Tope is author of The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life and the Managing Director of Soldiers of Self Mastery (a.k.a. chief blogging monkey).

When he’s not creating or editing content for the blog or an upcoming course, he’s probably reading or watching game of thrones.

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