Santos Rolon Jr is a Life Coach And Author Of The Little Red Book

He's been a victory Life Coach since 2016 and his work has positively Impacted Thousands Of People.

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About Santos Rolon JR

Santos Rolon, Jr. Bio
Stockton, California.
Ok, to share a little bit about me with you? Would you do me a favor in return? Leave me a message; let me know how I can help you? That would make my day.

Who is Your Breakthrough, Coach?
The Problem Gambling Annihilator!

Husband 24+yrs. Father, Coach, Us-vet
Sherry & I have a total of 6 in our family (1 Grandchild living with Us)
I was born in a small Hospital in Coamo, Puerto Rico, 1966. Childhood within a family of 5 members. It started when we migrated to the Hartford Connecticut area, ending up in Willimantic, CT. Then after to California via the US Government.
A tough childhood, Domestic Violence, Fear, Confusion, manipulations, intimidation, promiscuity, drugs, and gambling with the crooked old fellas in the backyards. A few good days here and there, I remember, most of the good light seemed to get swallowed up by darkness.
I come from an environment that was not conducive to success in any form. I was deceived and hypnotized for many years, very early in life.

A Long story short,
I hit rock bottom in 2014, one of the best things for me! I lost everything! It was a painful blow, Financially & physically! I did not lose my mind.

Today, it's a different story!
I am very grateful! I am free to be me! You are free also if you permit yourself. Thank you for visiting.

I believe that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Anything you SET your mind to!
Licensed and Certified to serve you.
Problem Gambling Annihilator!
New Life & Business journey!
Life Coach Training Institute/Certified
California licensed Insurance Agent
Senior Associate w/Legal-shield
Family/Biz Attorneys membership
Family, Biz, Social media
Identity theft protection

Let me know how I can best serve you if you don't ask, we will never know.
Here to serve,

Your Breakthrough Coach
Santos Rolon, Jr.
I can; I will, I am, I do!

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