Founder: Soldiers of Self-Mastery 2016-Date

To this day I ask myself who really am I?An Ex Gambler? A  child that struggled? My life foundation is a confused scared little man literally, no pun intended lol that WAS I.

It’s really strange when you are alive, blood pumping through your veins and you really don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing in life.

Many Poor misguided decisions, during my teens!

Fast Forward: 2014

2Ton Boulder nearly Crushed me! (Figuratively)Rock bottom in 2014, a horrible but very enlightening moment in my new journey, I lost thousands of man hours, over $800k was kicked out of our home, about 5 months.

Fast Forward 2021
2 TON Boulder/Big Rock is lifted! I’m free!A different outlook on the freeway of life. Improving upon my improvements,*@ Peace with self *

Founder: Soldiers of Self-Mastery 2016

Graduate: Life Coach Training Institute.
Licensed @ SRolon NxTL Consulting
International Tools & Support 

•Host of Solution & Your Answer podcast
•Broadcast via Youtube Sun/Wed 7P Pst.
•Advocate against Domestic Violence & Gambling
•Inventor of Digital GABA (Gambling Addiction Breakthrough Academy)
•Facebook founder group Gambling is Annihilated here.
•Writer of the little Redbook, 15 Min Mornings & a few other Self help books.
•Believer in Meditation with deep breathing.
• I Push the limit, & listen for clues.
Senior Associate Legalshield (Legal Services)

Inventor: Techno Rim (Patent Pending)

I Am CONFIDENT. I Co-Partner to help you get results. Faster!

Thank you for visiting and Soldier-Scribing to our Community. Together we Cross over into Possibilities.

Your Dream Life is possible when you say it’s do or die, I MUST HAVE IT. The key is PERSISTENCE.

Santos Rolon Jr.
Results Coach, #1P.G.Interventionist
See you at the top on the inside partner.