About Coach Santos Rolon Jr

Founder: Soldiers of Self-Mastery 2016-Date

Coming from a completely broken home with a narcissistic father and a codependent mother, I no longer wonder who I am. Abuse, bewilderment, and fear, with a lot of abandonment and no accountability. I grew up on a path that was destined to fail miserably.

It’s strange to be alive, with blood pumping through your veins, and have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

I made a lot of bad decisions in my adolescence!

Stabbed a child who was bullying me. had a few broken relationships, and used a lot of drugs and alcohol while playing craps and dice gambling.


For about 32 years, I gambled on and off at casinos, scratchers, and craps.
I believe we squander many opportunities in life. My awakening began in 2014, when I was asked to leave my home, with over $1 million gone, property and an inheritance gone, and yes, I was homeless for the second time, this time with my family.


Rebuilding my life, mastering emotional intelligence. Gambling, and all the other bad habits that included various types of alcohol, 5 to 10 joints a day back then, and all masquerading as just to survive are long gone.

Graduate: Life Coach Training Institute.
Licensed @ SRolon NxTL Consulting.

•Host of Solution & Your Answer podcast
•Broadcast via Youtube Sun/ 7P Pst.
•Advocate against Domestic Violence & Gambling
•Inventor of Digital GABA (Gambling Addiction Breakthrough Academy)
•Facebook founder group Gambling is Annihilated here.
•Writer of the little Redbook, 15 Min Mornings & a few other Self-help books.
•Believer in Meditation with deep breathing.
• I Push the limit, & listen for clues.
Senior Associate Legalshield (Legal Services)

Inventor: Techno Rim (Patent Pending)

I Co-Partner to help you get results. Faster!

Thank you for joining our Community. Together we enter Possibilities.