Is it possible to truly defeat Gambling? If you're looking for a path to a gambling free life, this book will show you the way. This Book is not only for Problem Gamblers, this Self Empowerment book is for anyone that wants Daily Easy to Do Life-hacks for Victorious Living!

The Little Red Book: Thoughts to Defeat Gambling


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    How to change your mindset.
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    How to find Purpose and clarity.
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    How to bid gambling farewell.
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    How to develop a positive mindset.

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Do you Daydream about why you never seem to have the confidence to pursue the things in life you truly want? And you think about an easier or more convenient way to change your mental outlook? Are you dogged down by negative thoughts and self-destructive habits? Join the club!You're not alone, As a coach I strive to help others achieve and get a grip on this battle that is a constant theme within the mind. Now I must say that the place where I am today took various kinds of work including a lot of what I share in the little red book, and I still Continue To work on these issues in my own life, ( I thank GOD for Little helps) I’ve discovered that at the heart of it all is the deep aversion we have to loving and accepting ourselves fully and learning how to quickly change thoughts At will with some daily practice. It’s possible!!

If you've struggled with gambling, this book is for you.

If you take only 10 percent of the information and ideas in this book and put them into practice, it will change your life. 

The little red book- contains the essence of everything I’ve learned over the last five years of how to overcome negative thinking, grow my confidence, and transform my life and the lives of those around me. I'd like to share a blueprint of how you can do all this for yourself.


Santos is a listener, a thinker, a heart speaker, husband of 20+ years a Navy Veteran, father to a small tribe and most recently a proud US Marine dad. I enjoy life everyday and I remind myself constantly of how brief life REALLY is. My mission is to empower, inspire, motivate and help you reach your highest potential! with preparation for the years ahead.

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