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No Direction OR Know Direction?

Santos Rolon Jr.
Soldier of Self Mastery
SE Life coach.

How Do You Keep It Together???

More Encouragement? Strong Encouragement?
Encouragement STRONG Continued🎯Who IS This GUY??

I’m interested in Self Continued Encouragement!

Learn how to Control your thoughts.
Learn to control your mind.
Practice this way of Living.
You are in a battle my friend Battle is fought and won in mind. The plan that you currently have will it take you to where you need to be going?

The key Lift Up Yourself!

You will always be your best friend or your worst enemy!
Don’t beat yourself down when your down🙏contemplate how to beat your self UP!!

You must keep your eyes on that direction.

Program your mental GPS! Because some days the Dart is not going Center!
Vision-Planning-Direction = #SOSM209


Is Problem Gambling your Real Problem?
The Problem Gambling Breakthrough Academy

Is Problem Gambling your Real Problem?

@ Your service,
Santos Rolon Jr. Stockton Ca.
A.k.a. soldier of self mastery
Victory Living Life Coach

The truth is you don’t have to believe the lie. Your truth is you can believe in yourself.
Will you begin to work on convincing yourself that you’re able to break through?
Do you believe that just by speaking to yourself differently or watching my videos and using your journal, you can break free from this problem gambling habit?


“Santos Rolon Jr. Life Coaching for Results”

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How To WIN The fight inside Your Head

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How To WIN The fight inside Your Head!! How YOU Will Win Over Your Battle! Santos Rolon Jr. Stockton CA A.k.a. soldier of self mastery. Philosopher of every day victorious living. Dreamer, Overcomer.

Well here we are back again talking about the same stuff in a different way. Thank you for joining me and for giving yourself permission to better yourself. These next 10 minutes will make a difference in your life.

What talking about winning over the battles that are taking place in our life. Which are currently happening before they are evidently seen in our minds. Your mind is your battle zone and that is where you train, Fight and either win or lose. Of course we always want to win nobody in their right mind wants to lose. But yet we do things all the time that are contrary to winning??

My friend nothing is going to happen in your life as you make something happen. These battles that you are finding are not going to be one if you don’t prepare for them. And why would you want to prepare for them because there’s an incentive, there’s a goal a Destiination something that you definitely want to see happen or achieve in your life.

Your incentive has to be big and it has to be something that you want something that you truly believe that you must have in order to make it happen. Yes you can, yes you can never give up on yourself never look down. Always look up train your brain for success because you can!


4 SIMPLE KEYS That ensure YOUR Business SUCCESS!


Your Financial Freedom

Free Confidence Builder:

(#2)4 SIMPLE KEYS That ensure YOUR Business SUCCESS! Coaching is Available via Appointment.

1. Self Development / Self Empowerment

2. Relationships Training

3. An Idea Your Dream! Or an Existing Business

4. Learn Marketing / Best Methods / Lead Generation

5. Invest and Invest in You!!

Watch Videos Make Sure To Check Out My Playlists!

Read Books! The Bible,

Anthony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within,

Napoleon Hill, Think and grow rich,

Dale Carnegie, how to Win friends and influence people,

Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, John Maxwell. And there’s many others that you can find.

Start your own journal and lastly I offer many other rituals that you could be doing to help yourself all you Gotta do is just check out soldiers of self mastery right here.

Santos Rolon Jr a.k.a. soldier of self mastery, your philosopher for every day victorious living right out of Stockton California at your service. I offer consulting, I offer coaching, help you get free today.

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I will definitely see you on the next clip, get your notes ready open up your mind and get ready to learn some great things, from this up-and-coming leader! In the trenches with you, your friend Santos


How To IGNITE Your R.A.S.

What Do You Really Want? IF Its NOT Working LISTEN To What I share With You!!

Santos Rolon Jr a.k.a. soldier self mastery, philosopher of every day victorious living, at your service right out of Stockton California.

Today I just feel inspired to share a motivational inspirational message to get you thinking about where you want to go before 2018. Going to talk just a little bit about your focus vision R.A.S. Reticular activating system, the part of your brain that begins to attract the things or actually you begin to notice more of the things that are going to be important for you as you go forward to achieve your goal or your dream.

I’m not an expert at RAS but I do know that it does make a difference once you begin the totally focus. And making a contract with yourself by reinforcing the decision that you make to commit to whatever it is it you want to achieve in your life, you can do you can be whatever it is that you want, it’s a process it’s a fun discipline and a challenge. You grow you go forward and you live out every single day to the best of your ability. You learn you put into practice believe you grow in confidence.

Your friend, Santos Rolon Jr, happy new year 2018.

How To Clarify Your Purpose (4 Easy Steps)

How To Clarify Your Purpose (4 Easy Steps)

Clarify Your Purpose:

 CLICK HERE 6Min to 10X Confidence!

Do you know what your purpose is?

Would you like to find out what it is that you truly like and really want to do? In this video lesson I’m going to share a few keys so that you can get on the road to discovery.

Does it make a difference how I live my life? For many years I walked with no surety with no direction, no purpose at all just wondering like a leaf in the wind.

It wasn’t until I got serious with a little desire and begin the run with it yes it took me a little bit experimenting but I finally moved Out of the darkness and into the light, I must say I am extremely grateful to my Lord I found great solace in the Scriptures, a few seminars a book titled awakening the giant within my Anthony Robbins and of course failing forward.

I am glad I took those first steps and as things have evolved I see clarity and I see the true purpose for what I live every day.