Could You And I Really Work Together? It would be an honor! PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THE INFORMATION BELOW...

Thank You.

Create The Life You really Want to Live

This is YOUR life. And as far as we know, you have only one.

You can be like most people and settle for the norms.

Or you can choose to walk your unique path and swing for the fences because EVERYTHING you want is closer than you think.

The truth is, it’s already here.

Find yourself hiding more often than you want to from your spouse or family responsibilities? Tired down looking for ways to cover things up?

Cracks in your armor?

Your Conscience Pestering, bothering you?

Be glad it’s NOT seared! If you are starting to feel it? You know you need help!

Money Problems, attitude snappy?

Is it affecting your business and preventing you from living the good life you desire? Its time!

I remember not wanting to get up for work, the Lies to make ends meet. Running to the atm, it would call me to pull out another, and another, then last one time!. I had a defeated attitude and hated whenever things went wrong; my world fell apart. I wouldn’t answer my phone; I was so afraid! Something had to change! Fast forward, Your Coach Santos Jr.

Giving yourself permission to take significant actions is the first step to every great accomplishment!

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

- Maya Angelou -

We Can Focus On ONE Specific Area :

I’ll have you answer a series of questions designed to set our priorities and outline a plan of action for the next 30-90 days.

If You have a particular goal in mind, If I can’t help you in that particular area I will guide you in the right direction to a proper source of help.

I will work with you to achieve your desired goal as long as you are committed to your goal. With your permission some tools & exercises may be suggested.

As a certified life coach, I promised to give you the best experience with me!



Insightful truth about what has to, and must change to reach new levels of success. While we work together to get rid of everything holding you back.


We will work together to create A powerful action plan built specifically to help you attain fulfillment


Let's work together to get your life in the best shape and establish a unifying and over-arching success framework for your life.

What Does Coaching Include

Depeneding on what is best for you, Coaching range from 30 to 90 Days!

Your personal Coaching is done over the phone, via video conferencing, via Skype or in person (if applicable). Because we’ll be discussing personal & confidential information (which I don’t publicly reveal), you are allowed to record our calls for your own private use only.

Schedule A Free Strategy Session Now to determine What's Best For You!

*This is very important for both you and I, please read*

A copy of what we agree you want to achieve will be forwarded to you before Coaching begins; please sign keep a copy and send a signed copy to me via email.

To get the most benefit from our strategy session, it needs to be started on time. Each session is one hour. (arrangements of Sessions can be available if necessary) If you can’t make your session you forfeit that time unless there’s an emergency and I’m notified 24 hours in advance, please keep this in mind.

I believe in having a perfect time of growth and self-discovery and confidence building! I will be your motivation, inspiration until your generator kicks in! It will be a new, Different exciting journey for you!

A minimum of 3months is my recommendation to experience the Best Momentum, More Permanent growth & the best results faster. “You in the driver seat friend!

Follow your heart! Listen to your inner voice, friend. We both have a mutual option to cancel at any time. If I may, I would consider taking at least 14 days before you decide to give up on Our New journey of excellence for you. I believe you will have missed an excellent experience for Self Mastery.

I recommend at least a 90 day relationship coaching cycle with me for Optimum results when you sign up because success is not instant. Life-hacks I use to help you get what you want is unique to you and i during our strategy sessions. No, where else will you experience the quality of my coaching, it’s priceless.

You may be a fast learner. For you, it might not take long. This program is for highly motivated people who are ready now to put the work in! To build, to achieve, to get to that next level! And progress into your daily dream life. Be there before you arrive!

Accountability and integrity, along with organization, are part of the relationship process. Every once in a while, I may suggest a tool to help you get there faster!

DISCLAIMER: I am a certified Hi-performance life & Business coach. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness, trauma, or severe addictions that may need other treatment types. (I can do a minor consultation for resources)I am transparent about my services, my offer, and my guarantees. In our interactions, If I find there is an opportunity for you to hurt yourself or someone else in some way, i will take full precaution to protect life.

OUR GOAL: (Cooperation 100%) Acknowledge your desire and find a fun Sure positive way there! within 90 days or sooner!

My Iron Clad Guarantee:

*The Mind that Got you stuck*Is not the mind that will get you free* - Santos.

Week 1 thru Week 4

Self Discovery Strategy Sessions (Analyzation) Foundation building. T.C. Transformation talk. Note taking is Encouraged.


USING Mind Mouth Power M.M.P.C.

We take a Closer at your Current experience and prepare for Transformation, (stop gambling, excessive anger, addiction, etc.)


Through a guided plan of personal questions & Answers we continue your Plan, as define your purpose what motivates you & put it to work for you. Mistakes are welcomed! 


Week 5 through 8 

We work through limiting beliefs / set backs & unexpected circumstances. You will learn quickly its not about what happens at you, its about what you do & how you handle it. Together you are stronger! 

We set your plan into motion step by step day by day. Because its your best plan, it will be much easier for you to practice it. See it, feel it, and Experience it. (mind vision)

As Requested by you

We Analyze make corrections where necessary and continue to make progress toward the 90 days & beyond.

WEEK 8 and Forward 

We Continue on building your Confidence, your belief  until you begin to own it & experience your own behavior magically changing for you. 

90 days Graduation day! A short celebration. Possible video shoutout on YouTube...

DISCLAIMERS: For True success!

OUR GOAL: (Cooperation 100% From Coach & Client) Transformation of MINDSET-SPIRIT & experiences for your best within 90 days or sooner!

I am a licensed, Certified Experienced life Coach Specializing in Breaking free from addiction gambling & Creating New life afterwards. From Stockton, California. 

I do not treat, diagnose or counsel Mental illness. Please seek Psychiatric help if necessary.