Take a minute and a couple of deep breaths, hold them, Think about what you want right now! What is that like for you? What do you see when you look at your future at its best? Can you see yourself doing what you really would like to be experiencing? 

You know this very moment right here with me might be the most important part of your day or maybe in a lifetime so please Relax. Take 2 minutes with me here and really think about what I’m sharing with you, close your eyes and daydream, ask yourself what do I really want deep down inside? What do I truly desire? Immediately write that down. *Please* Safeguard what you wrote down. A little gift for Visiting with me.

 Are you adventurous? Why? Because 97% of people will not go after what they really would like to experience. So our time is not wasted, I am only willing to work with partners that are willing to GROW through whatever it is that you need to GROW through in order to achieve your desire if this is you?  continue reading.


You’re the vehicle! I will be by your side to help you navigate safer. 

Life Is like a very busy Freeway, with many exits, hills, potholes, bumpy roads, sharp turns, and lots of Traffic. Your goal is to focus on the right exits that help you get to your destinations. Within this community Coaching with me is really about relationship, growth, and attainment of your Desire, faster and more enjoyable. There are easier ways to do things why complicate life? Isn’t it complicated enough already? 


from Milwaukee

Santos is the most wonderful patient man I have ever had the luxury and blessing of being a part of. He has helped me, if it was not for him I would not be in the greater state of mind I am in today! he has gone over and above the Call of Duty even on a big holiday. I knew even when he had other precious things to do he always took care of me immediately, I have come to Appreciate Santos, and hope for greater endeavors with his business of Transforming Lives.

[Santos Rolon Jr]

Certified Life Coach

I find great Purpose & Strong Personal growth through teaching others different game-like ways of Refocusing & Driving your #MMPC (Mind•Mouth•Power•Congruency) to achieve your thing, whatever it may be. Focus is king, Focus is your Anchor. 

You are rubbing elbows with someone that’s been through some very very dark, stinky crap, bucket fulls. I know how to guide you, I know how to partner with you, I know how to create an environment Where we both thrive! Not just from a high five. That's no jive.

Partner, Here You become a Fucking Bad Ass!

Isn’t it time you Take control of your Mind, Body, and Self Talk? Isn’t it time?!

Freedom is Not Free. There is a Price, it starts here, I just help make it a bit easier. Partner, you are in a rare breed country, we just practice taming it every day, attitude.

We create a solid foundation like a concrete floor to build upon upwards (with Integrity & Focus) Co/-Partnering with me rapidly increases your self-belief higher.

Are you willing to step into your unknown? Where your true blessings are found?

Get in, get quiet, close the door, Put on your seatbelt and get ready for a ride.

The greatest of riches will be found within a Mastermind of two. Peace, Wisdom, Patience, Greater confidence in yourself Will be the result of your personal alignment with Mind Mouth Power Congruence. With P.O.M. 

IDENTIFY & REPLACE unhealthy thoughts. 

Insightful truth about what must change. Step by Step we work through what has been holding you hostage, Holding you back from progressing! Relabel your life, an Alpha, etc. Taking full Control of Yourself is Very fun and Rewarding.

RESULTS DRIVEN Coaching (Peace of Mind) P.O.M.

What if you could *REALLY* accomplish your goal?

What if there was a way? Through believing and teaming up with someone else who could help you turn on your belief Stronger?

Results NOTHING less, No BS. My goal Is to help you achieve your goal faster, fun & permanent.

Life/Biz Results Coach Santos Rolon JR

Benjamin Franklin wrote where liberty dwells, there is my country. Freedom is not free, there is a Fun Price to pay.

In 2014 a 2-ton boulder landed right on top of me. Nearly crushed me. I made my way out I struggled, I kept on, keeping on! completely free today, the goal is to get you To become completely self-sufficient, you will be able to crawl out from under any Mountain/Boulder in your way of progress. 


A very dedicated Breakthrough, and Application session. Person to person, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, (if applicable). 45 min - One hour each Session. Dedicated to your Results!

Are You A Risk Taker?

Are you hungry for your best life? I am interested in working with a few clients a month. So space is limited! Think Positive in that you are willing to go the way, nothing is going to stop you! That’s why I want to work with you! is this you?

See you inside once your Request or contact is sent, Looking forward.

Results Coach Santos 

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