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Immediately after receiving my first few comments and emails a few years ago, I decided Our mission has become a labor of love for us. I do my best to work efficiently, thinking & planning about how I could be my very best every day for You. Each week I work on emails, creating videos, preparing for Sunday live broadcasting, and managing all the technology required to keep this website running smoothly. whoever said that serving others is expensive maybe correct lol, this is why we ask you to participate and contribute to this Soldier of Self Mastery lifestyle builder because we are making a big impact when it comes to positive behavior.

I am humbled because of these life changing testimonials from folks i have encouraged to be their best. Please check them out.

Santos has opened up my eyes. His idea of visualization on an image when stopping at bad addiction which includes bad relationships gave me some tools to heal my pain of self-destruction.

Judy D. Of FL ... Pet Boarding Service

Little red book, a must read for anyone struggling with gambling or any other addiction excellent read

Rob r.

This is Marie, Keep up the good work. You are truly a inspiration for lots of people. I have been struggling for over 20 years. I'm finally over this horrible addiction. Thank you so much Santos!

Marie Williams

Your video helped me because I know the what you are saying is the answer to how I'm getting the victory. This confirmation is a blessing, Wanted to share mytestimonial, Cara.

Cara Simms

Hey SantosI want to really thank you for your inspirational videos. I've been a gambler for far too long, and although I am a functioning addict, I realize it is a cancer that is hard to remove, but I'm working on it.We all need to reach out to each other to connect in various ways, and it is good that you are doing this in your own way.You are part of my recovery diet, Brother Santos!

Damon (from Vallejo CA)

I'm enjoying my seat!!!!!! LOL I tell everyone I talk too about you on youtube....Gambling took me on a nightmare....Not anymore...You so understand about gambling...only leads to one of 3 places...dead...mental hospital...or jail.

Laura Pender

I am humbled and extremely grateful for those of you expressing gratitude for the value you receive from Us. You give me the fuel to keep winning every day. Partner, If Your life has changed for the very best as a result of value from our Mission, that has become a positive influence in your life, join us in expanding to help more people.

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This is how you can begin to feel really great about yourself and begin to make a big difference in the lives of others right now? Simply let us know in a few paragraphs how we have helped you. Thank you, Your breakthrough Coach Soldier of Self Mastery.

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