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This Group Will Help You Get In The best shape of your life In Just One Month...While tearing down the walls that are constantly holding you back from reaching your potentials

Santos Rolon Jr Is A Life Coach And Author Of The Little Red Book. He's Been A Life Agent Since 2018 And His Work Has Changed Thousands People Life.

Cephas Tope Is a Life Coach and The Author Of The Road Map To Your Extraordinary Life. He's been featured in Big magazines like Huffpost, Addicted2success and much more.

Have you lost the motivation to move forward when life gets in your way? Do you feel like throwing in the towel of your dream and decide to try again the next time with a sigh of disappointment? Or do you believe that you’re capable of more, if only you had the kind of coaching that will equip you with the tools, tactics, and strategies to unlock the closed gates to achieve your dreams? Then you're welcome to join a group of like minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to achieve their dream life...

WHY DO You need this mastermind? and why is now the greatest time to join?

  • 2 Live No Nonsense Monthly Training With Santos & Cephas: Stay on track to achieve your potential. Join us twice a month to learn how to set smart goals, brainstorming, meditation, journalling, networking.
  • In-Depth Transformation Mastermind Workbook: The workbook is programmed to help you eliminate distractions and become supper productive so you can achieve your goals 10x faster
  • Private Discussion Group

And There's Even More...


Imagine what you could achieve if you had a community that would challenge you to never give up and keep pursuing your goals, even when your own motivation wanes and obstacles appear in your path?

Challenging Feedback

Encountering obstacles is normal but getting stuck doesn’t have to be inevitable. The Transformation Mastermind Group is designed to provide feedback and real-world solutions from your peers and coaches so you don’t get derailed in pursuit of your life effort.

Personal Coaching

The Transformation Mastermind Group Coach by Santos & Cephas. Santos & Cephas has helped many people experience success and breakthroughs in their personal life and they will be your personal coach inside The Transformation Mastermind Group, customizing their energy and strategy to help you solve your unique challenges and situations.

Great Energy and Encouragement

When you are faced with the ups and downs of life, you can be sure that our community of like-minded people will be there to lift you up and cheer you to your best. You don’t have to do it alone and why would you want to?

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What Others Have To Say...

I'm enjoying my seat!!!!!! LOL I tell everyone I talk too about you on youtube....Gambling took me on a nightmare....Not anymore...You so understand about gambling...only leads to one of 3 places...dead...mental hospital...or jail.

Laura Pender

This is Marie, Keep up the good work. You are truly a inspiration for lots of people. I have been struggling for over 20 years. I'm finally over this horrible addiction. Thank you so much Santos!

Marie Williams

Your video helped me because I know the what you are saying is the answer to how I'm getting the victory. This confirmation is a blessing, Wanted to share mytestimonial, Cara.

Cara Simms

Hey SantosI want to really thank you for your inspirational videos. I've been a gambler for far too long, and although I am a functioning addict, I realize it is a cancer that is hard to remove, but I'm working on it.We all need to reach out to each other to connect in various ways, and it is good that you are doing this in your own way.You are part of my recovery diet, Brother Santos!

Damon (from Vallejo CA)

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We're also going to give you a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee!

And if you decide to cancel or ask for a your money back for any reason (which you can easily do by sending us an email at we will make it 

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Santos & Cephas

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