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On a Mission to save the Hemorrhaging gambler! Get him Re-alignment with Mind-Mouth-Power Congruency & Life style.

I have created a culture, a Boot Camp of sorts via / Videos, books, & digital tools, cultivating hunger & Providing Support for Individuals desiring faster Permanent Mind-shifts & Transformation.

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I Teach & practice Intangible Fun Tools like Visualization {S.T.} Self Talk {T.C.} Transformation Talk, Journaling, Labeling, Video-therapy & Much more!

Life Hacks for Obtaining the greatest of all *Riches! PEACE of Mind* P.O.M. Like To cheer for the UnderDog?

Use These two books to Overcome Addictions

Life Changing Testimonials From Folks I Have Encouraged To Be Their Best.


Santos Rolon Juniiur is a brave man who tackles challenges head on with determination and precision. If you need to bring out your inner tiger and push down your inner troubles Santos will show you the way.

Nathan Abbey AHS

Santos Rolon Jr. is a true soldier who created a platform for the survivors and warriors of adversity. Solutions & Answers Sunday 7 Pm Pst via Soldiersofselfmastery youtube. His genuine guidance and wise questions to bring true answers from the people are the gifts that everyone needs. I was on his show and it truly inspired me and inspired his audience. Santos’s shining soul can heal, touch and influence others to a positive life path.

Juri Love

I am privileged, honored, and fortunate to have met Santos Rolon online a couple of years ago. I think he is one of the most caring, dedicated, and experienced coaches on the Net.
Just spend a few minutes with Santos and you will immediately recognize how this man can help you overcome fear, doubt and insecurity putting you on the road to self-discovery.
Edwin Cabrera

Edwin Cabrera

"Everyone needs a sidekick. Let Santos Rolon be yours. He's been a big inspiration and influence in my small business and the catalyst to my growth, both in life, and money!"

Dylan Burns

I am doing really well. 9/10 months gambling free. never again. can't thank you enough for your videos.


I’m from the UK Gambling took a Toll from 16 years old to 50 years old and it did not stop, I was full on compulsive Gambling to the stage of Embarrassment to self & family. I did lose the most important moments & lots of money. It’s been some years now, via the internet Coach Santos has helped me break the cycle! Im indebted to the Man. If he ever needs a place he knows he has a home out here in the UK.

Shaun Carr

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