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I Am Humbled Because Of These Life Changing Testimonials From Folks I Have Encouraged To Be Their Best. Please Check Them Out.

3 Time Suicide Survivor

Thank you, Santos! Your story is freaking powerful! Wow, you dropped a lot of gems! April 4/4 is perfect! I can't wait to finish our conversation and share my story.

Herbie Mack

discovered Santos on YouTube after I was doing research on gambling addiction and was curious to know if other people suffered the same problem. I was unaware that there were many others out there going through the same I was going through. Santos videos shed light on my addiction and I liked the way he spoke with confidence and clarity and was realistic about his approach to all addictions. I dug further into researching he started a group called SOSM (soldiers of self mastery) which has recently grabbed a lot of attention in the past few years and has helped a lot of people including myself. I purchased his book (The Little Red Book), and have been focusing on the point the book portrays. I highly recommend his book and his coaching techniques. I am still on a path to recovery but to be honest without the support I’ve received from Santos I’m not sure where I’d be.


I'm enjoying my seat!!!!!! LOL I tell everyone I talk too about you on youtube....Gambling took me on a nightmare....Not anymore...You so understand about gambling...only leads to one of 3 places...dead...mental hospital...or jail.

Laura Pender

This is Marie, Keep up the good work. You are truly a inspiration for lots of people. I have been struggling for over 20 years. I'm finally over this horrible addiction. Thank you so much Santos!

Marie Williams

Santos is the most wonderful patient man I have ever had the luxury and blessing of being a part of. He has helped me, if it was not for him I would not be in the greater state of mind I am in today! he has gone over and above the Call of Duty even on a big holiday. I knew even when he had other precious things to do he always took care of me immediately, I have come to Appreciate Santos, and hope for greater endeavors with his business of Transforming Lives, Diane from Milwaukee.

Diane L. a

Your video helped me because I know the what you are saying is the answer to how I'm getting the victory. This confirmation is a blessing, Wanted to share mytestimonial, Cara.

Cara Simms

Hey SantosI want to really thank you for your inspirational videos. I've been a gambler for far too long, and although I am a functioning addict, I realize it is a cancer that is hard to remove, but I'm working on it.We all need to reach out to each other to connect in various ways, and it is good that you are doing this in your own way.You are part of my recovery diet, Brother Santos!

Damon (from Vallejo CA)

Santos Rolon Juniiur is a brave man who tackles challenges head on with determination and precision. If you need to bring out your inner tiger and push down your inner troubles Santos will show you the way.

Nathan Abbey AHS

Santos has opened up my eyes. His idea of visualization on an image when stopping at bad addiction which includes bad relationships gave me some tools to heal my pain of self-destruction.

Judy D. Of FL Pet Boarding Service

Little red book, a must read for anyone struggling with gambling or any other addiction excellent read

Rob r.

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