What Do You Really Want? IF Its NOT Working LISTEN To What I share With You!!

Santos Rolon Jr a.k.a. soldier self mastery, philosopher of every day victorious living, at your service right out of Stockton California.

Today I just feel inspired to share a motivational inspirational message to get you thinking about where you want to go before 2018. Going to talk just a little bit about your focus vision R.A.S. Reticular activating system, the part of your brain that begins to attract the things or actually you begin to notice more of the things that are going to be important for you as you go forward to achieve your goal or your dream.

I’m not an expert at RAS but I do know that it does make a difference once you begin the totally focus. And making a contract with yourself by reinforcing the decision that you make to commit to whatever it is it you want to achieve in your life, you can do you can be whatever it is that you want, it’s a process it’s a fun discipline and a challenge. You grow you go forward and you live out every single day to the best of your ability. You learn you put into practice believe you grow in confidence.

Your friend, Santos Rolon Jr, happy new year 2018.