Clarify Your Purpose:

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Do you know what your purpose is?

Would you like to find out what it is that you truly like and really want to do? In this video lesson I’m going to share a few keys so that you can get on the road to discovery.

Does it make a difference how I live my life? For many years I walked with no surety with no direction, no purpose at all just wondering like a leaf in the wind.

It wasn’t until I got serious with a little desire and begin the run with it yes it took me a little bit experimenting but I finally moved Out of the darkness and into the light, I must say I am extremely grateful to my Lord I found great solace in the Scriptures, a few seminars a book titled awakening the giant within my Anthony Robbins and of course failing forward.

I am glad I took those first steps and as things have evolved I see clarity and I see the true purpose for what I live every day.