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Has Your Bet Lost its Thrill?

Feeling more like roadkill?
Family and friends deserting you?
Not sleeping well?
Feeling like failure is your only Option?
While Thousands of Dollars are played Away
common sense will hide from you!
Desire to replace it and can’t seem to get step1?
Are You aware of your Options?
Here is a Super one, Team Up With Me!


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The Key to a Daily Win, is?
Santos here (The #1 Gambling interventionist) I stay free permanently, through having
Replaced my Gambling Addiction desire and the Cause, through Self-will, lots of Journaling,
Grace and Persistence. If you’re looking to bury that mysterious Gambling that has you by your
THROAT, you’re at the Right Place and it is the right Time!

Are we a good fit?

Is there such a thing as being separated from Problem Gambling Immediately? Quantum
Leaping? Self Hypnosis? When you and I meet, if it’s a good Fit, Curiosity will drive us, we
create a blueprint and Steps forward, through thoughtful, creative and meaningful interaction
until You Reach Your first Goal. (Mastermind, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon H.)
Transfer of Invisible Energy? *Fun Stuff*
Dr. Joe D. A Mind Man Philosopher that believes you can transfer positive physical invisible
energy (peer to peer) I ask, could I transfer MY belief into you? During our Mastermind
What IF It’s Possible? This would cut your learning dramatically, making it more secure for You
to replace your G.A.
Fast way to find out if we make a good fit. S.I.T.E.C.
(Stay in touch Email communication – https://Soldiersofselfmastery.Com/Welcome )
My call 2Action:
Start by REPLACING Your GA, (gambling addiction) With a NEW Personal Vision.

Access Fun, Simple, life redirecting behavior through Mind Optimizing Content! Live Sunday
International Interactive Broadcasts , a private Phone call with me? What would we discuss?
Emotional Intelligence, Support, Faith, tools Coaching and Mentoring if need be. It’s All Possible
through belief and Practice (Roger Bannister 1954) The Bible (KJV) All things are possible to him
who believes. Let’s do this!


Inside the 15 min, mornings are routines that can help you up your game. You will learn how to 10x your productivity by learning how to focus on one single thing every morning, and it only takes 15 min.

What I’ve learned over the last few years about overcoming harmful addiction that cost me over $800,000, rebuilding my confidence, and changing my life and those around me is contained in this book. I want to show you how to do it all yourself.


Given the opportunity to Brainstorm with me, What would we Work on?

Success Stories From People I've Inspired To Be Their Best.


From Tragedy to Triumph.

My childhood foundation from the get go was stained with confusion, poor values, some *good
sprinkled in here and there. A Narcissistic father, along with a codependent mother. Sin on top of
sin was what I knew most. I was Lost! Scared & Surviving. I’m surprised by the grace of God
I’ve reached the age of 55. I did not know what living in survival mode was, found out about this
a few years ago.

Is it odd to be alive, blood pumping through your veins, at the same time having no
Conscious awareness? It’s Crazy!

8 Navy life years masqueraded my inner shadow. I had a plan in the Navy. My plan ended, I
was lost again. Eventually it all came to haunt me. It is impossible to defeat something that you
really don’t know, don’t understand. That’s why they say if you wanna go fast go alone, if you
wanna go far you’re gonna need support.

Even though my life has been a complete Mystery to me,
I am extremely grateful for who I am today. This I can say very very proudly. Recently a few
secrets revealed sentimental & Life changing truths to me.
Change Began!

September of 2014 I was asked to leave my residence, Playing away over $800,000 in
gambling finally caught up. For Five months my family went with no secure home, i was Lost!
Loving the challenge!
I fought from where I was, I failed! I faced it! Like I needed to, Now I’m free! Permanently!
Like I have, you will greatly improve through exercising, reading and applying knowledge gained
from what I share.
See you at the Top on the Inside Soldier.

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